Poetics of the “Chantier” (From Mallarmé to Macher and Beck)

1-2pm, 2 April 2024, Buchanan 216 Dr Elodie Laügt The ‘chantier’ has multiple literal and figurative senses: as a site of activity and production in relation to which modern and contemporary French poets have positioned themselves and their practices; as a place whose material, processes and stories are transformed and elevated into poetry; as a … Read more

A Hidden People, a Hidden Literature: Translating from an Indigenous Language of Greece

5-6:30pm, 14 March 2024, Buchanan Room 216 Professor Peter Constantine, University of Connecticut When a language becomes extinct, it takes with it more than just its words to a silent grave. With it disappear millennia of culture, knowledge, and tradition. Its unique interpretation of our world unravels and dies. UNESCO warns us that 90 to … Read more

Braided Poetry: reading and workshop

10.00am – 11.30am, 10 March 2024 Witness the world premiere of a new braided text co-written by poet Rebecca Sharp and environmental humanities researcher and author Monika Szuba, weaving together observations and encounters with landscape, seasons and other beings between Scotland and Germany/Poland. Structured as a series of emails containing strands of text, images, and field recordings, this … Read more

How Do We Talk About Knives

6-7.30 pm, 23 February 2024, Parliament Hall How Do We Talk About Knives. Contemporary writers in Scotland on names, language and identity (ed. Samina Chadhry, Marcas Mac an Tuairneir, Rebecca Sharp, Matecznik Press, 2023) is a new anthology of works by 20 contemporary writers in Scotland, exploring their own names, the experience and stories that … Read more

Good Till the Close October 2023

27 October, 2-4.30pm, Hebdomadar’s room A workshop conceived to explore further the collective poems that emerged from the workshops held in June 2023 and designed in response to the themes of the EE2023 conference Financing the Future – with a focus on exploring ‘visions of and expectations for the future’, ‘relations of obligation and indebtedness’, … Read more