Tiepido Cool

At the intersection of visual arts and poetry, this project stems from our collaboration with Italian visual artist Davide D’Elia and the Tiepido Cool publishing project, curated by Elisa Del Prete and Silvia Litardi |NOS Visual Arts Production.

PI: Dr Elodie Laügt; Co-I: Prof. Derek Duncan

The texts accessible via this link are creative critical responses to Davide D’Elia’s work and ‘The Parliament Brief’, a workshop that took place on 7 February 2023, hosted by the Centre for Poetic Innovation: creative-critical responses



The Three Manifesti by Davide D’Elia are his interpretation of the multilingual poem written collectively during the workshop that took place on 7 February 2023. They were created in collaboration with 15 Italian designers who proposed logotypes for each of the 45 words of the poem.



Title: Don’t You Think It’s a Bit…
By: Johanna Linsley and Jan Mertens
Details: electro-acoustic composition with voices, 14 minutes, looping
Voices: Laura Albertini, Beth Clems, Vahid Davar, Derek Duncan, Orhan Elmaz, Nicole Entin, David Evans, Elodie Laügt, Pàdraig MacAoidh, Robin MacKenzie, Keren Macpherson, Benjamin Ong, Mark Robson, Rebecca Sharp, Jo Scheses, Borya Tospinar-Stefovsky, Rebecca Walker, Irene Watson.


Don’t You Think It’s a Bit… VOCAL

7 February 2023 – ‘The Parliament Brief’ film, by Jeanette Sendler

Recording of the workshop on 7 February 2023

Design by Davide D’Elia & NOS Visual Arts Production

‘Tiepido cool all over includes all the activities related to the presentation of the book Tiepido Cool, a circular name that radiating iridescently from hot to cold and vice versa around the city touched.
The workshops, preparatory to the presentation of the book, take place around the investigation of the processes that guide perception, stimulating an in-depth examination of what determines a perception of hot or cold in front of an image. The final presentations are proposed as discussions between personalities belonging to the artistic discipline and communication, reproducing the cognitive and creative short-circuit in which the artist’s research develops, with the intention of creating points of connection between apparently distant fields such as painting and graphics.’

Davide D’Elia

and with the generous support of the Impact & Innovation Fund.