The Three Manifesti by Davide D’Elia

The Centre for Poetic Innovation addresses poetry and poetics creatively, critically and historically, promoting and studying poetic innovation in a broad sense of both terms, from poetry as traditionally understood to poetic aspects of visual and material art forms, of prose writing as well as interactions with music, dance and digital poetry.

The key aims of the Centre are:

  • Hosting speakers, workshops and conferences
  • Support and development of doctoral and post-doctoral research
  • Public engagement and impact activities
  • Joint Research Grant applications and research projects

Upcoming events

Reading event

23 February, 6-7.30 pm, Parliament Hall

How Do We Talk About Knives

How Do We Talk About Knives. Contemporary writers in Scotland on names, language and identity (ed. Samina Chadhry, Marcas Mac an Tuairneir, Rebecca Sharp, Matecznik Press, 2023) is a new anthology of works by 20 contemporary writers in Scotland, exploring their own names, the experience and stories that come with a name; instances of misnaming, name changing and name choosing. Vahid Davar, Xinyi Jiang, Elodie Laügt, Marcas Mac an Tuairmeir and Rebecca Sharp will read their poems.

Poetics of Landscapes

A series of workshops exploring how landscapes write themselves and are written. All workshops will take place 1-2pm in Arts Seminar room 5

Leena Nammari, ‘A Window for Observing Life’

5 February      Leena Nammari, Artist Printmaker and PhD candidate, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, University of Dundee, ‘Everyday stories of an extraordinary land, a Palestinian artist’s journey in brief’

11 March          Dr David Evans, ‘The Breath of the World, or, On The Limits of Ecocritical Metaphors’

25 March         Dr Fabio Caiani, ‘Swimming in the Tigris, London: Cityscapes in Fawzi Karim’s Poems’

2 April               Dr Elodie Laügt, ‘Poetics of the “Chantier”’ (From Stéphane Mallarmé to Sabine Macher and Philippe Beck)’