The Three Manifesti by Davide D’Elia

The Centre for Poetic Innovation addresses poetry and poetics creatively, critically and historically, promoting and studying poetic innovation in a broad sense of both terms, from poetry as traditionally understood to poetic aspects of visual and material art forms, of prose writing as well as interactions with music, dance and digital poetry.

The key aims of the Centre are:

  • Hosting speakers, workshops and conferences
  • Support and development of doctoral and post-doctoral research
  • Public engagement and impact activities
  • Joint Research Grant applications and research projects

Upcoming event:

Time Stitches: a Poet Converses with her Translator

Eleni Kefala and Peter Constantine

in collaboration with Byre World

20 September 2023, 6.30pm – Byre Theatre

Time Stitches by Eleni Kefala is a poetry book about roots and uprooting, personal and collective history in a broken time, and the power of poetry to stitch together the threads of our past and future. Peter Constantine offers a “stunning, powerful, and important” translation of “an exquisite set of linked poems that center around British colonial Cyprus, but radiate out into other eras, more distant in the past and more recent”.

A 2022 New York Times Globetrotting pick, the Greek original won the State Prize for Poetry in Cyprus in 2014, while the translation received the 2022 Elizabeth Constantinides Translation Prize. Eleni, who teaches at the University of St Andrews, and Peter, a New York based, multi-award-winning literary translator and director of the Literary Translation Programme at the University of Connecticut, will talk about Time Stitches and share their thoughts on writing and what is lost and gained in translation.


Good Till the Close

2 June 2023, Hebdomadar’s Room
8 June 2023, Younger Hall Stewart Room (drop-in, EE 2023 conference attendees only)

Two workshops created to accompany EE2023 Financing the Future, presented in collaboration with the  Centre for Energy Ethics. Designed and co-hosted by CEE’s Artist in Residence Rebecca Sharp and Elodie Laügt

Good Till The Close is a ‘fortune-telling’, poem-generating game with inbuilt obsolescence; a durational group performance with poetic intentions. The event has been designed in response to the themes of the EE2023 conference Financing the Future – with a focus on exploring ‘visions of and expectations for the future’, ‘relations of obligation and indebtedness’, and addressing the question ‘When should we prioritise investing in the distant future rather than focussing on the present?’

The workshop’s organisation draws from links between oil and financial forecasting, and the future-telling practice of tarot cards. It invites participants to play with ideas of currency: present action and future speculation; individual and collective action; what is known and unknown; hope and desire set alongside material, process and mechanism; scales of time and effect.

In each session, participants will be guided in the construction of a collective tarot reading, and a collective poem, with space given to both individual and group reflection. Individual poetic/creative responses are also welcomed as a result of the workshops.

Limited places available for the workshop on 2 June: please email [email protected] (Elodie Laügt) to enquire.