Welcome to the Centre for Poetic Innovation

We are delighted to announce that Alice Tarbuck, former PhD student in the Centre (in collaboration with the Scottish Poetry Library), and more recently Post-Doctoral Fellow  of the CPI has been awarded the Scottish Book Trust New Writers Award 2019:


Contemporary poetry and poetry criticism are in a state of rapid development and diversification driven by: 1) interaction with other art forms (hybrid visual-poetic and musical-poetic forms); 2) trans-national exchanges and collaborations; 3) the dynamic of democratisation in the arts (poetry in public spaces and for social functions, the rise of performance poetry); 4) the potential of digital technology (electronic poetry). All theses developments have roots in the experimental and avant-garde traditions of the 20th century (modernist inter-art experiments, Futurist text works, concrete poetry, experimental and alternative poetry). The centre for Poetic Innovation addresses these areas creatively, critically and historically, promoting and studying poetic innovation in a broad sense of both terms. This extends beyond ‘poetry’ as traditionally understood to include poetic aspects of visual and material art forms (such as artists’ books), of pose writing (such as the New Nature Writing) as well as interactions with music, dance and digital / electronic poetry.

The key aims of the Centre are :

– Public engagement and impact activities.

– Joint Research Grant applications and research projects.

– Support and development of doctoral and post-doctoral research.

– Hosting speakers, workshops and conferences.