CPI Launch Event

4th November 2016 – Launch Event

Byre Theatre (Studio, 2.15 – 8pm)

‘… With Poetry: An Interdisciplinary Day on Poetry and Performance’.

2.15 – 2.30pm: Welcome and Introduction to the Centre

2.30-5.15pm:  Papers and Discussion on Performance, Innovation in Poetry and Music

Fiona Dakin         Intermedial translation: (Re)constructing meaning in illustrated editions of   Baudelaire

Alice Tarbuck      The Poetry and Practice of Thomas A. Clark

Andrew Roberts  Intermedial Artworks from the ‘Poetry Beyond Text’ project

3.45-4.15            Tea and coffee

Eleanore Widger Radical and Romantic: formal innovation in The Ground Aslant and the representation of landscape

Dave Evans        John Cage’s ‘Where Are We Going? and What Are We Doing?’ (1961): Polyphony, Performance, Poetics

6pm – 8pm: Performances

6-6.50pm:                   …Reusement, by Jerome Fletcher


6.50-7.10                    Drinks Reception

7.10-8pm                    The l-notebook carnet d’a / a-round reading by Sabine Macher